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Growing a Community of Passionate Customers – 4 Tips

Learning how to start growing a brand ambassador program from a few passionate customers to a thriving community can be time-consuming. From searching for participants to inviting them to join your program, growing your brand’s community simply doesn’t happen overnight. However, by implementing 4 simple tips, the time it takes to grow your program can easily be decreased. In this

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Utilizing Ambassadors to Scale a Program

Growing an ambassador program can be a challenge. However, with your ambassador’s help, you can save time on finding new participants and quickly grow your program. When ambassadors refer their closest friends, you can now approach the people that your ambassador’s know, trust and think will be a good fit in the program. The ambassador’s friends are also more likely

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Driving Ambassador Engagement with Exclusive Rewards

The process of getting ambassadors to participate in marketing campaigns can be a challenge. Incentives must be used to help motivate ambassadors and drive participation during the times that matter the most. One way to drive ambassador engagement is to offer exclusive rewards. Exclusive rewards can be any reward that is not found in a rewards catalog and can only

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Saving Time on Issuing Rewards

In ambassador marketing, it can take a lot of time to review ambassador rewards and issue them manually. With all this time involved, ambassadors are stuck waiting for their rewards. This results in a decrease of participation and engagement levels and leaves the ambassador waiting to make their next purchase. By immediately issuing rewards, ambassador’s are more likely to purchase

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Tracking Instagram Stories and Snapchat

With video content on the rise, ambassadors have begun to promote their favorite brands in places like Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Tracking the Stories and Snaps can be difficult as this content expires after the first view or in 24 hours. This creates a challenge as the brand needs to view the ambassador’s story on the social media account and

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Onboarding Ambassadors and Incentivising Participation

A common problem faced in ambassador marketing is onboarding ambassadors into a program and getting them to actively participate when they join. Setting up ambassadors on a program and familiarizing them with how to complete activities and drive referrals for your brand can be a challenge. Making it easy for ambassadors to get set up and giving them an immediate

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Engaging Ambassadors in 5 Steps with BrandChamp

One problem encountered in ambassador marketing is brand ambassadors becoming disengaged or inactive. The big factor for this problem is that a majority of ambassadors have full-time jobs and responsibilities outside of the ambassador program. To ensure maximum participation, updating your ambassadors with valuable and engaging information is key. When ambassadors are engaged on a consistent basis, a relationship is

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Ambasssador Marketing Evolution

The Evolution of Ambassador Marketing

The people that make the best brand ambassadors could surprise you. In today’s marketplace, many brands still consider celebrities and macro influencers to be the best representatives. However, it’s the micro influencers, brand advocates, and employees that companies should recruit first. These people make the best ambassadors due to their smaller audiences that are more engaged with what they post

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4 Reasons to Start a Brand Ambassador Program

Increasing brand reach, driving customer loyalty, maximizing referrals, and building customer lifetime value are all reasons to look into starting an ambassador program. By taking a customer-centric approach in marketing, brands in all industries can harness the power of Word of Mouth Marketing to drive sustained growth. Brands of all sizes can benefit from an ambassador program. With 74% of

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Maximizing the Potential of an Ambassador Program

Many factors contribute to the longevity and effectiveness of a brand’s product ambassador program. From the relationship you have with your ambassadors to the content they create for your brand. An ambassador program consists of many components that need to be maintained and improved to ensure that the program reaches its maximum marketing potential. Not just anyone can run a

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