If you aren’t a believer in brand ambassador programs yet, the examples below will make your tail wag!

For those new to the concept, brand ambassador programs are part of a company’s overall marketing strategy. They drive sales and boost brand awareness. They are the most effective kind of customer loyalty program for fostering valuable relationships with customers. In general, a brand’s most passionate customers receive rewards in exchange for promoting the brand in various ways. However, these programs can take many different forms.

Increasingly, niche brands recruit ambassadors to create community and foster authentic relationships. We are delighted to share that this practice extends beyond typical corporations. In fact, it even applies to man’s best friend!

Since the majority of Americans have pets and care about animals, it makes sense that brands are finding ways to reward their animal-loving customers.

Below, you’ll find a round-up of brand ambassador programs for animal lovers. From protecting wildlife to ensuring that animal shelters get the attention they deserve, there are many purr-worthy options.

Benefits of Brand Ambassador Programs

Before diving into specific ambassador programs, it’s worth exploring the benefits these programs offer. You see, they come with a whole slew of perks for everyone involved.

Benefits for Ambassadors

  • Discounts, rewards, points or free products from your favorite brands
  • Deeper connection with your niche community
  • Recognition on social media for your support
  • In some cases, community service and public service experience
  • For student programs, leadership skills that will strengthen a resume or application

Benefits for Brands

  • Enjoy increased revenue from the awareness brand awareness create
  • Utilize targeted advertising tactics through your brand ambassadors that will yield greater results than the average ad campaign
  • Build a much stronger bond with your customer base by showing them that your company cares about community
  • Receive authentic feedback on your brand’s public image

With this, let’s dive into some of the best brand ambassador programs for animal lovers.

World Wildlife Fund


The World Wildlife Fund is one of the biggest names in wildlife conservation and the protection of endangered species. Its Panda Ambassadors program places participants on the front lines of environmental activism. As you might expect, ambassadors engage with the public and bring attention to the brand’s overall mission.

Panda Ambassadors also host fun, educational events. Additionally, they lead marches and protests and convene with politicians and world leaders to help fight for change.

To apply to be a Panda Ambassador, you must be at least 18 years old and a current U.S. resident. You can apply by clicking here.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, known as PETA, is undoubtedly the biggest animal rights organization on the planet. They have 9 million supporters and counting! PETA works to prevent animal suffering and animal cruelty. They focus on labs, and the food, entertainment, and clothing industries. To bolster these efforts, PETA launched the PETA Action Team as an essential extension of its mission.

PETA’s Action Team ambassadors share access to tools and resources for speaking out on behalf of animal rights. they help get more involved in the ongoing fight for the ethical treatment of animals. Action Team members receive handouts to distribute, ideas and tips on how to spread the word at home, school, or work, and keep up-to-date on the latest activism events in their area.

To become a member of PETA’s Action Team, you simply need to be a resident of the US and fill out an application here.

Audubon’s Ambassador Program

Bird habitats

The National Audubon Society is a nonprofit dedicated to the protection of birds and bird habitats throughout North and South America. Since 1905, Audubon has utilized a mixture of science, social advocacy, education, and real-life conservation to inform, inspire, and unite millions of people around the world to care about the protection of birds.

Audubon Ambassadors have three key tasks: be the messenger, be the solution, and be the advocate. They share their love of birds to inspire others to care about the protection of birds. Additionally, they motivate others to take action and position themselves as a resource in their community. Common activities include hosting events, speaking with local elected officials, and engaging with the community to protect birds.

Audubon Ambassadors must be full- or part-time college students. If you fit the parameters, click here for the Audubon Ambassador application.

ASPCA’s Business Ambassador Program

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, also known as the ASPCA, is one of the largest humane societies in the world as well as the first one to be established in North America. The nonprofit works hard to sustain a strong presence in local communities around the country and offers many programs that perpetuate its anti-animal cruelty mission throughout the US, including its Business Ambassador program.

The ASPCA Business Ambassador program allows businesses to help raise both funds and awareness for the ASPCA. This is done via the donation of proceeds and the providing of annual support of ASPCA’s mission. Equipped with an official ASPCA Business Ambassadors badge that can be placed in all forms of business communications, Business Ambassadors get to show their support and demonstrate to customers that they’re committed to the prevention of cruelty to animals.

Businesses hoping to become ASPCA Business Ambassadors simply need to fill out the application here.

Arm the Animals Ambassador Program

Labrador playing with its owner

Arm The Animals, or ATA, raises funds and awareness for animal welfare programs, while also providing much-needed support for those programs. Over the last decade, ATA has worked with more than 150 different animal welfare organizations to provide essential donation funds, supply low-cost tools for better website development, and help create graphics and marketing services to help those animal welfare organizations better their overall impact.

ATA actually has three brand ambassador programs: Premium Ambassador Program, Rescue Ambassador Program, and the exclusive, invite-only Elite Ambassador Program. 

Across this trio, the goal remains the same: to promote ATA clothing and earn money for animal rescue missions, organizations, and animal lovers across the globe. The Premium Ambassador Program is exclusively for online bloggers and social media influencers, while the Rescue Ambassador Program is reserved exclusively for animal rescue organizations and animal nonprofits.

To be an ambassador for ATA, you must be at least 18-years-old and active on social media. You can find the application for both programs by clicking here.

The Bottom Line: Brand Ambassador Programs

Most of these brand ambassador programs offer first-hand experience with conservation and protection.

Unlike most retail businesses, they are extremely mission-driven. That doesn’t mean eCommerce brands shouldn’t take notes.

Each of the brand ambassador programs mentioned above is a powerful vehicle for the brand’s mission. More than spreading the word, they nurture deep relationships between brand and customer. Going a step further, they build community between customers themselves.

As you can see, it’s well worth looking into a brand ambassador program for your own company. BrandChamp is an all-in-one brand ambassador management software platform that makes managing these types of programs both easy and fun. We integrate with Shopify, Amazon, and WooCommerce, making eCommerce a breeze. Many of today’s fastest-growing brands utilize BrandChamp for their brand ambassador management needs, and you can too by requesting a demo today.