Here at BrandChamp, we work with just about every industry, helping companies level up their customer loyalty programs. Because our platform is compatible with brand ambassador programs, influencers, affiliate programs, referral programs, and more, we really do see it all. Lately, we’re especially impressed by retail food brands and their creative marketing efforts. Let us explain…

Do you ever get overwhelmed walking the aisles of your neighborhood market? How do you choose between two brands that have similar prices and ingredients? Well, it’s not always easy to decide. And brands need to be very clever when it comes to grabbing your attention and ultimately keeping your business.

Of course, attractive packaging creates a solid first impression. But what’s next? Brand ambassador programs are increasingly popular tools to retain customers and build relationships. And businesses with an eCommerce component, meaning they sell products online, can see incredible results. To give you an idea of how retail food brands, in particular, can benefit from this marketing trend, we found five brands with stellar strategies.

These are all feel-food, health-conscious brands, and they’re readily available at your local grocery store. Keep reading to learn about their unique brand ambassador programs. Hopefully, you’ll pick up some pointers for your own brand. And, if you decide a brand ambassador program is for you, we’d love to help you meet your goal with our ambassador management platform!

Otamot Ambassador Program

About Otamot

Founded by dad and daughter duo Andrew and Evelyn, Otamot Foods specializes in nutritious, organic sauces. When you spell the brand’s name backward, the key ingredient becomes clear — tomatoes! Unlike some brands, they proudly display all their ingredients front and center on their jars. Because their target audience is picky kiddos and their parents, Otamot’s marketing efforts are fun and family-friendly.

Otamot Ambassador Program Strategy

The brand advertises its ambassador program with the catchy phrase “Become a Sauce Boss.” Although Otamot states that anyone who is a “genuine fan” of Otamot can apply, Registered Dieticians and Whole30 coaches are encouraged as well. In fact, Whole30 is a regular highlight on Otamot’s Instagram stories. Ambassadors need to have an Instagram account to sign up, and they receive early access to newly launched products. Besides free products, ambassadors also earn cash and Otamot gear, and they can share a discount with friends and family.

Many “Sauce Bosses” share the amazing creations they make with Otamot sauces, including recipes. For example, this Halloween-themed post features a cute mummy pizza:

@colleenshealthylife instagram account
Photo: @colleenshealthylife

Further down in her post, Colleen details the recipe and shares her ambassador discount code. When you peruse Sauce Boss posts, you get a

Otamot Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Support the Otamot Foods brand
  • Use #otamot and #otamotambassador hashtags and tag @otamot in social media posts

How to Apply

Any fan of Otamot sauces can apply to be an Otamot Ambassador here.

Yasso Ambassador Program

About Yasso

Yasso is a frozen dessert company founded by two athletic friends. Their line of frozen Greek yogurt treats (Yassou means hello in Greek) has only 60 to 170 calories per serving with no high-intensity sweeteners. Their “creamy guarantee” boasts that if you don’t believe their frozen desserts “are the most mind-meltingly delicious, ridiculously creamy dessert you’ve ever tried,” they’ll refund you within 30 days of purchase. Based in Boulder, Colorado, they give back to their local community through their Game On! Foundation, promoting health and happiness through initiatives with organizations like the Boys & Girls Club.

Yasso Ambassador Program Strategy

This frozen dessert brand welcomes “creative individuals and influencers” or people who are already fans to join the “Yassie” squad for a fun partnership. They encourage ambassadors to use their creativity in all of their campaigns. Instagram and TikTok accounts are required to apply.

Here is an example of a fun and creative Instagram post from Yasso Ambassador:

@alexiistherese instagram account
Photo: @alexiistherese

You can read the rest of her caption here.

Yasso Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Use #workingwithyasso on social media.
  • Be as creative as possible. Yasso loves “seeing the fun things you will come up with!”

How to Apply

Interested influencers can apply for the Yasso Ambassador Program here.

Lily’s Sweets Brand Ambassador Program

About Lily’s Sweets

Lily’s Sweets is committed to better sweets. The brand uses non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients, sweetened without refined or processed sugars, and includes Fair Trade ingredients as much as possible. Located in Boulder, Colorado, they are dedicated to supporting causes they believe in, such as the fight against childhood cancer and other diseases.

Lily’s Sweets Brand Ambassador Program Strategy

Brand ambassadors for Lily’s Sweets get to sample exclusive products, test the newest chocolates before anybody else, and have access to perks all year long. Lily’s Sweets commits to creating relevant content for their ambassadors’ fans.

Giveaways are a great way that Lily’s Sweets works with its ambassadors. Here’s an example of an Instagram giveaway with a nutrition coach/ambassador:  

@ruth_mpower instagram account
Photo credit: @ruth_mpower

Lily’s Sweets Brand Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Test recipes.
  • Taste products.
  • Share news about upcoming products and events.

How to Apply

If you’d like to be part of Lily’s Sweets Brand Ambassador Program, apply here.

Banza RD Ambassador Program

About Banza

Located in New York City, Banza’s mission is to make nutritious food more accessible. Banza makes healthy, environmentally-friendly pizza crust, rice, and pasta out of nutritious chickpeas. Their products boast 25% fewer net carbs and 1.5 times the protein.

Banza RD Ambassador Program Strategy

Banza only takes on Registered Dieticians or Registered Dieticians-to-be for its ambassador program. Ambassadors receive exclusives for their clients and practice and do two to five demos per week, usually in-store. They approve new ambassador applications once a month.

Here is an example of a more unusual post, pairing a puppy with the Banza brand, instead of featuring an actual dish:

@saradeluca_liquori instagram account
Photo by @saradeluca_liquori

Banza RD Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Do two to five in-store retail demos per week.
  • Pitch Banza pasta to shoppers, cook and serve samples, explain product benefits, answer questions, and distribute literature.
  • Complete reports and communicate customer and store feedback to the Field Marketing Manager.
  • Maintain inventory of demo kit (gloves, forks, etc.).
  • Develop relationships with grocery personnel.
  • Ensure proper merchandising of Banza products on shelves and displays.

How to Apply

Registered Dieticians and Registered Dieticians-to-be can fill out an application for the Banza, RD Ambassador Program here when Banza resumes taking on new ambassadors.

Daiya Foods Street Team

About Daiya Foods

Founded by two friends in British Columbia, Daiya Foods makes food that’s “Deliciously Dairy Free“. Using a fun play on words, the brand’s name is a combination of dairy and dayaa, which is Sanskrit for “loving kindness and compassion.” Products include cheese, pizza crust, dessert bars, and burritos.

Daiya Street Team Strategy

Daiya seeks influencers with a passion for Daiya Foods and plant-based living. Plus, using the term “street team” instead of ambassador conveys a family-like community. Team members receive coupons to share with friends, family and the community, branded promotional items and team gear to wear at events, and payment for each sampling event.

An image of happy, smiling ambassadors with a beautiful example of your food is always a hit on social media. Here’s an example from a Daiya ambassador on Instagram:

@saridiskin instagram account
Photo: @saridiskin

Daiya Foods Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Organize and hold sampling events (event setup/teardown responsibilities, preparing food samples, and engaging with the public).
  • Inspire others to try Daiya, and share findings through post-event reports.
  • Take photos with the Daiya team for promotional use.

How to Apply

Apply to become part of the Daiya Foods Street Team here.

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